Betdaq offer you a very tidy little promotion when you register a new account of a no lose bet worth up to £20. Basically, if your opening bet loses then they will refund the amount in the form of a free bet up to a maximum of £20.

Although the promotion is based on how your first bet finishes, we still feel that they are providing a pretty good offering here. One thing you will need to do is enter the bonus code ‘BDQ20FD’ when make your first deposit. It’s worth noting that they will require you to make your first deposit and bet within 30 days of opening your account, before the promotion becomes void.

It’s probably fair to say that Betdaq have been a long time in the shadows of Betfair, as far as a betting exchange goes at least. But it might just sway you over to the site when you hear that they only charge their customers 3% commission on bets, compared to that of Betfair. This is actually an ongoing promotion that they are running for the first month of their tenancy on the site.

Betdaq Screenshot

Betdaq Screenshot

How It Works

Once you have opened your account and made your deposit, you then need to place a qualifying bet on any of their markets at odds of 2.0 or greater. If your bet wins, great, you have a nice start to your Betdaq life. If it loses, Betdaq will reimburse the amount up to £20.

The minimum bet that needs to be placed is of £5 or more singles and just £1 for multiples, Your bet must be settled within 30 days and if you qualify for the free bet it will be placed into your account within 72 hours of the settlement of the bet. Finally, you then get 14 days to use your free bet before it expires.


The bet actually comes with very few requirements, but we are going to highlight the main points that you need to be aware of.

  • A free bet will only be distributed if your first bet loses
  • The maximum bet that can be redeemed is £20 and minimum bet must be of £5 or more
  • You get 14 days to use your free bet and 30 days in which to initially claim it from opening your account
  • Free bets can only be used on sports markets and cannot be used in conjunction with another Betdaq promotion

Our Verdict

The £20 no lose bet from Betdaq is solid, without ever rally setting the world alight. It does mean that no matter what happens in your time on the site, you are going to be at least break even for your first bet.

The qualifying requirements are very good and they don’t ask you to jump through hoops to get hold of your promotion. This, on top of the 3% reduced commission for new users, must at least throw a spanner in the works when deciding between themselves and Betfair!

About Betdaq

Betdaq are one of the worlds largest betting exchanges and the company was founded in 2000. They are based out of Dublin, Ireland and whilst they aren’t the size of their closest rival, Betfair, they claim to do over £75million worth of bets every week.

In 2013 Betdaq were taken over by betting giants Ladbrokes, in an attempt to try and hunt down their main rival in Betfair. Whilst the company don’t have the market presence that some betting exchanges do, they are a solid option for most bettors.

Best features

The betting exchange offers a good range of sports to bet on, but probably don’t have the coverage that some bookmakers do offer. That being said, the sports on offer are all really well accounted for and in terms of market depth, are of a very good standard.

The probable that Betdaq have when it comes to offering more sports or even more markets is liquidity. By this we mean that as it’s a betting exchange, people are betting against other users, rather than Betdaq themselves. So, if there aren’t people wanting to lay on a certain sport or market, then they ant really offer up that as a betting alternative.

One aspect that Betdaq do better than any other betting exchange is the range of betting tools they integrate into their betting exchange. This section of the site is called ‘Betdaq Traders’ and the tolls on offer include Bet Angel, Gruss, Geeks Toy, BetBot Pro and many more. They are all third party apps that Betdaq have approved and in turn allow you to use their betting exchange in a more productive manner.


It’s tough to really offer up an opinion on pricing with a betting exchange as it’s essentially not the company that are offering up the prices. What you will often find is that a betting exchange will be more favourable to better odds than most traditional bookmakers, as you don’t have to do battle against the bookmaker for the best price.

Ease of use

The design of the site is pretty straightforward and easy to use, even for those of you who might not necessarily be all that familiar with betting exchanges. The design is clean and the markets are easily accessible, which is pretty much all you can ask for from these types of betting exchanges.